Gye-Nyame Journey

We provide workshops, trainings and experiences that help individuals and groups get in touch with the "True Self". We define the Self as "the absolute, complete, and perfect qualities of a being not dependent on external circumstance(tm)". We help people connect with this "True Self" so that their lives are open to joy, forgiveness, health, and prosperity.

Here's What We Have In Store For You:

Power of symbols and how to harness their power in our lives

Meditation (by the numbers and àxe breath)

Principles and Cosmic Laws of Success

Spiritual Writing (poetry)

Rites of Passage

Nation Building


7 Cosmic Laws

10 Virtues of Maat

Stopping the drama cycle

Manhood and Womanhood Training

Using proverbs as tools of self-discovery

How to build and use myths to better your life

Quarterly Spiritual Retreats with lectures, sweat lodges, camping experience and vision quests