The Initiation Process

The goal of the organization is to develop young people who are productive members of their community. We will accomplish this by introducing youth to different ideas and experiences that will broaden their worldview and self-concept. We believe that "culture cures" and exposes our youth to experiences that gives them a sense of belonging and partnership of the future direction of the community.

This process requires:

  • 2 meetings a week (Warrior Training/Leadership Classes I & II)
  • Camping experiences that will take place at least 4 times a year.
  • International travel.

Warrior Training/Leadership Class I - This class consist of at least one class a week. In these classes youth will learn about self-mastery (using the Gye-Nyame Nation Builders hand book), leadership, and the organization they belong to. In the class, the youth also learn about different cultures through exploring myth and discussions with mentors and class leaders. They will learn about and discuss principle and values (personal, culture, and those of the group). They  learn about philosophy through discussion of proverbs (Book “African opening to the tree of life). They will also be exposed to basic strategy games (chess, mancala, risk, etc.). The youth will be held responsible for all assignments that they receive from class by mentor and class leaders. They also are exposed to creative writing. We also discuss what we call the three levels of learning:

  • Memorization - The youth have to learn 37 question and answers (found in the Nation Builder handbook). This empowers youth by allowing them to learn and then teach the information that they have acquired. Questions and answers cover topics such as morals, definition of concepts, principles, responsible behavior, and cultural symbols. Question and answers also provides the youth with small victories, which will help to build their self-esteem.
  • Intelligence of the Mind - After the youth have memorized the provided information, they are challenged to discuss it, and teach it from their understanding of the questions, and answers. This helps the youth improve their cognition skills, boost their confidence in their learning ability, and promote peer-to-peer knowledge transfer. This process covers 27 of the 40 developmental assets created by the Search Institute.
  • Intelligence of the Heart - In this phase of the learning process, the youth are challenged to live the information they have been learning.

 Warrior Training/ Leadership Class II - This class will take place once a week. Youth will be exposed to Capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian martial art), drill and ceremony. Through this training, the youth will learn to control their body, learn history, philosophy, and how to apply each concept to their life's Journey. They will also learn to play instruments (conga, berimbau, tambourine, etc.). They will be able to release aggression and their competitive spirits in a healthy way, and they will learn to sing songs associated with game (Capoeira) in Portuguese. The youth will also participate in community events as volunteers (clean-ups, urban gardening, celebrations, etc.) They will basically be putting what they are learning into practice in the community in which they live.

Warrior Training

Warrior training prepares the initiate for Nation Building through physical mastery. The purpose of the process is to expose their weaknesses and teach them to deal with them. All tasks are designed to push the initiate to their limits, and test their commitment to the idea of Nation Building. The training will go deep into each area of life and expose them to actual Nation Building skills such as:

Building (masonry, carpentry, etc...)

African Reality Therapy (3 days)

Martial Arts (Capoeira)/Dance

Africentric World History

Service & Humility

Drill & Ceremony






Study Skills

Order of Nation

Discussion & Debate

Dealing With Pressure

Completing Tasks/Quests


Memorization of Nation Concepts

Sewing/House Care (laundry, cleaning, etc...)

Nation Builder Training

Everything that was learned in the warrior phase is pushed to higher levels. Improvements in all areas must be evident.  The Nation Builder not only has previously learned information memorized, but they can expand and demonstrate the concept of African deep thought. At this level, Nation Building information must be applied in life. They must assist the tribe reach its goals moving to the next level in their mental and spiritual development, and they must have made pilgrimage at least once. This training will expose them to actual Elder skills such as:


Codes of Conduct

Building Warriors

Application of Life Skills

Walking Within Principles

Philosophy of Nation Building

Teaching Class/Becoming a Self-Mastery Coach

The Ranking System

The ranking system is designed to provide goals to strive for. Progress is monitored through our ranking system, which is broken down into 3 levels. Each level has a color so that each member can recognize, identify with and understand their progress through group categorization. With each level, there is new information that they are required to learn, retain, and eventually teach. We use the colors of the African flag presented to us by the Honorable Marcus Garvey (Red, Black, & Green). At the beginning of each level, each trainer provides the initiate with an initiate necklace. The initiate is then responsible for learning the basic "Lessons" of the Gye-Nyame which consist of 37 questions. As the initiate moves from one level to another, he/she will receive a corresponding ranking necklace. Below, you will find a complete progress outline...

Initiate Level: The ranks that fall under the Initiate levels (from lowest to highest) are: Initiate Red, Initiate Black, and Initiate Green

White and Red - Learn First 12 Questions
Initiate Responsibility:

1. Must be able to answer 12 questions.
2. Must take pre- physical fitness test

3. Must be able to perform all basic drill movements- angalia, African rest, rt. fact, lft. face, about face, and mark time.
4. Must know 2 songs
5. Must register on site and turn in all forms and a passport picture for file.
6. Must know how to lock up and do Simba Step

White and Black - Learn Questions 13-24
Initiate Responsibility:

1. Must be able to answer 24 questions

2. Must be able to teach basic drill movements, be able to march in step, be able to perform rt. flank, lft. flank, to the rear, counter column, column rt., and column lft.

3. Must know all songs including Simba songs, and be able to lead songs.

4. Must be able to perform all steps

5. Must be able to tell story of Gye.

6. Must participate in volunteer and entrepreneurial activities (urban farming, food coop, community workshops (must have attended a combination of all these at least 20 times)

7. Must have completed at least 3 village camp trips

White and Green - Learn Questions 25-37
Initiate Responsibility:

1. Must be able to answer all 36 questions

2. Must be able to teach questions to new members

3. Must be able to discuss at least first 12 questions

4. Must be able to perform and teach all drill movements

5. Must begin learning how to lead drill and march within a group

6. Must take post physical fitness test and make a 10% improvement

7. Must be able to discuss story of "Gye" and describe what it has to do with their life.

8. Be able to find p.82

9. Must be able to perform libations and begin group ceremony

10. Must write a paper about how Gye- Nyame Journey (Tribe) has helped them and describe what they have learned during initiation process about themselves, and donate paper to archive of group. At least 3 pages

11. Must complete 3 sweat lodges

12. Must have completed the 6 weekend village camp trip initiation process.

Warrior Level: The ranks that fall under the Warrior levels (from lowest to highest) are: Brother, Majestic, and Royal

Red and Red - Brother/Sister

Red and Black - Majestic

Red and Green - Royal

Warrior Responsibility:

1. Responsible for all information learned in initiate level

2. Must begin process of scribing "African Openings to Tree of Life", and memorize first 10 proverbs

3. Must assist in training new initiates

4. Must assist with Volunteer projects

5. Must set example for younger members

6. Must be able to recite p.82 and tell what it teaches.

7. Must participate in Gye-Nyame Self-Mastery process, using Players Pyramid, etc..

8. Meet all requirements in Gye-Name Nation builder handbook.

9. Must take post fitness test and show improvement of 10%

Nation Builder Level: The ranks that fall under the Nation Building levels (from lowest to highest) are: Grand, Supreme, and Master

Black and Red - Grand

Black and Black - Supreme

Black and Green - Master

Nation Builder Responsibility:

  • Must meet all qualifications in Gye-Nyame Nation Builders handbook.

       Elder Level: The ranks that fall under the Elder levels (from lowest to highest) are: Grand Master, Supreme Master, and Elder

Green and Red - Grand Master

Green and Black - Supreme Master

Green and Green - Elder

Elder Responsibility:

  • Must meet all qualifications in Gye-Nyame Nation Builders handbook.