Welcome To Our Podcasts

Gye-Nyame Journey is about producing  and sharing life changing information. One of the major mediums for doing this is our podcast. We deal with a variety of topics that all lead back to SelfMastery and Warrior training. Through our podcast we can verbally touch the world and use the medium to talk about everything from spirituality to politics. 

We have multiple shows broadcasting so to keep up with the latest content click the Lastest Podcast link on the side bar, Some Podcast are strictly for those that subscribe.

Gye-Nyame Journey Podcast - This is a hodgepodge of discussions. Sometimes with guest, Brother ha2tim touches on the hottest topics in news and always finds a way to connect it back to Self-Mastery.

Folktakles For Grown Folks Podcast - This podcast deals with breaking down folktales and myths to get the wisdom that they present us for life. We call it wisdom mining. Listen in, and feel free to share your wisdom with us. If You have a Folktale or myth that you would like us to cover, feel free to email us and let us know.

On Mile 3 Podcast - Here is one of are fitness shows. this show can only be recorded after the host has run 3 miles. Right now the show is hosted by Brother ha2tim but other members will be podcasting soon. Tune in and checkout the endorphin high that the host is under and listen to the varied topics that are covered.

#giveyourselfpermission - This is a show that explores the concept of SelfMastery and Warrior training. This show can only be broadcast after the host runs 1 mile, and does at least 10 minutes of meditation. Tune in and catch up with the Gye-Nyame Journey based lessons.

Mr.Deity Presents - This podcast was created by the Producer and MC Mansur, and he mixes his beats up under conscious speeches. Tune in and get your lesson with some head nodding beats.

Warrior Training - This is a show that is done at our warrior training classes.

Magic Hour Podcast - Is a podcast that shares the underground music from Columbus. So tune in as Kid Magic Roc drops the hottest from the streets of Columbus.