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The Village Camping Retreat

The Gye-Nyame Journey, Village Camping Retreat
The Gathering Of The Tribe

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Here’s what we have in store for you:
Marshmallow Campfire
I Spy Treasure Hunt
Nature Walk/Hiking
And much, much more...

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In the summer of 2016, the Village Camping Retreat will consist of six consecutive summer weekends sometime between May and September. The youth will be involved in all aspects of running the village; they will be exposed to activities and experiences that will give them a chance to apply everything that they are learning in Study Group and Rites of Passage to their lives within a village setting. They also will be introduced to speakers and community volunteers that will come out and assist with intensive workshops dealing with warrior and leadership training. Camping trips will be 2-3 day events where the youth will be separated from the world they know, and put into a village that they will build with their own hands. Camp Registration will open 240 days prior to the first day of camp... Camp Registration closes 30 days prior to the first day of camp… Registration fees will be accepted on a flexible payment schedule; however, final payment balances are due no later than 30 days prior to the first day of camp…

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International Camping Goal – The youth of our organization will be involved in fundraising for an annual international trip. Y/our participating youth will learn not only about raising funds, as a group, but they will also learn about managing funds. Some of our village camping trips will be located in a country where the youth can have fun as well as learn more about themselves, and their position in the world.  The goal would be too hopefully inspire the youth to take their lives more seriously once they are exposed to different places outside of The U.S.A.

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Your registration, along with every purchase and/or donation that you make enables us to continue and increase the services that we offer in the community. The funds that are raised are used to plan and promote workshops, provide food, transportation, and planning of our camping trip's lecturers/speakers, and sends young people to The Gye-Nyame Journey Village Camping Retreat; it provides books and food for Study Group/ROP Classes; it funds field trips, and much, much more.

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